1. Fun! I am interning at a long-term care facilities and I have to say, the assessments are my favorite part! I think working in a hospital would be particularly interesting since you see SO many different types of patients. In long-term care our patients remain largely the same and have a lot of the same illnesses, but it is fun that I get to build relationships with them.
    Thanks for writing this post- it is great to get the nitty gritty of life as an RD.

    1. I bet LTC is interesting in that you can really follow a patient and get to know them. I deal with patients for just a day to few days, so it’s hard for me to follow their progress sometimes.

    1. Since I see patients who are admitted to the hospital because they are sick, educations are just one-on-one. There are group classes offered in the outpatient setting, though.

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