1. Hi! My name is Riley Maloney and I am currently a senior in high school planning on majoring in dietetics. I just have a few questions about the process:) what was the hardest class you ever took? How was finding a job, and what types of jobs are available? Any other advice on ashools, classes or etc would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Riley- Thanks for stopping by :) Metabolic Nutrition and Nutritional Biochemistry were definitely the hardest classes I had to take. Everyone’s curriculum is a little different, though. I think you might find some of my other posts about being an RD helpful to answer your other questions: https://ggnutritionco.com/becoming-an-rd/

  2. My name is kaison, I am currently in college but I am strongly contemplating going into dietetics. Did you find any issues with an online dietetic program? Did you lose any potential jobs? Is it actually as hard to get an internship as people say it is?

    1. I felt like my online courses were much more difficult because I had to stay motivated to complete them and I didn’t have any in-person interactions with my classmates. I had no issues in terms of my career, but I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and Exercise from Virginia Tech… I was just trying to complete my DPD courses and online was the best option for me so that I could still work. It is difficult to get into internships but you will be fine if you do well in school and have a strong application! :)

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