1. I love when you write posts like this. As of right now, I am really interesting in outpatient. I like to talk a lot, :D However, I’ve heard how much the internship can change people’s minds, so I’m keeping my options open.

  2. Great post! After doing mostly inpatient work in my internship, I’m not working in outpatient which I feel is much more suited to my desire to connect with patients more and talk through issues. You’re right – so many opportunities for dietitians!

  3. I love that being a Dietitian means we can work in a variety of roles. Inpatient vs outpatient is definitely completely different. I find my throat hurts after I finish an hour long session. I’ve never done a full outpatient day so I can’t imagine how hard all that talking would be.

  4. Hey Sam, love this. I totally hope you visit me in Florida. I have the most amazing job at a retirement community that I’d actually love to show you as a fellow RD! Love these posts:)


  5. That’s so interesting that you only meet with patients for such a short period of time during inpatient.

    I’ve worked with a dietitian at the recommendation of a therapist in the past and it was a good experience. I’m currently writing a food journal for my therapist and think I may look to work with a dietitian again in the near-ish future!

    1. I think if a patient is sick then they probably want to rest, so I try to be short and sweet with my assessment. Good luck with working with an RD! Hope you had fun on your vacay :)

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