1. Hey Sam
    Nice blog, I loved to read about you experience about becoming a dietitian. I am in my last semester and I am freaking out about the internship. I didn’t know it would be hard to get an internship in my hometown and I am scare to move. I want to ask you something, Did you have a lot of volunteer experience in your resume? I have been traveling from Alaska to Arizona, and studying online so I didn’t have much connections or time to do much volunteering. I am scare to don’t get a match because I don’t have much experience. ;(

    1. I was in a unique situation because I had worked for 5 years in school nutrition prior to applying for an internship. And my #1 school had an emphasis in school nutrition. So I felt like that helped me a lot. I think that they look at you as a whole, so if you are strong in other areas then I wouldn’t stress too much about volunteer experience.

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