1. Thanks for detailing your work experiences and the major differences between those two jobs! I really appreciate this since I’m at an early stage of figuring out what type of settings I would be best suited for based on my personality, strength and weaknesses. And actually be realistic about them. Even though internship is still a bit way out for me, it never hurts to assess and understand different people’s real experiences. By the way I LOVE grapefruits! :)

    1. Hi Josie! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I have received several emails from RD students so I’ve been trying to incorporate RD and internship-related posts here and there. An awesome thing about the internship is that you really get to see which settings you like best. I know some people who absolutely hated food service and some people who completely loved it. It’s funny how different people can feel about different settings. Good luck with school!!

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