1. I am on day 6. Was trying not read too much on the internet, but this was a delight to stumble upon. I will see if I can incorporate some of your suggestions. This is truly awful.
    One thing you may have mentioned but I didn’t see was…..what about your speaking voice. I need to be able to speak quite a bit on the evening of day 14. Thoughts?
    All the best,

    1. Hi Ariane,

      I tried to teach two 45-minute nutrition classes ~3 weeks after my surgery and it honestly didn’t end well. After about 30 minutes, I started slurring my words. I was not expecting this because I previously did not have any difficulty with my voice after the procedure. I’m not sure what kind of speaking engagement you have or if it could be postponed, but I would try to give yourself a little more time to heal. Good luck with your recovery and hang in there. I’m not sure if you saw my tonsillectomy update that I recently posted but I am SO glad I had it done!! :) https://ggnutritionco.com/2014/08/13/tonsillectomy-update/

  2. Hi there
    I am into day 2, just as it’s 4am and I am freaking out a little that I am not breathing properly in my sleep. Did you wake what felt like every few minutes because you think you stopped breathing due to a blockage? Trying to talk myself down after waking is a little daunting. I keep thinking I am going to be found dead in the morning… Sorry to be so morbid just that it is 2nd night of very broken sleep. One of my pain meds has a bit of an interesting side effect which makes me hear things slightly evil and hallucinate when I’m dozing. This could explain some of the anxious thoughts but I know that is what it is and ignore it. Surprisingly I ate soft white toast on my first morning and that was kind of OK. I’m guessing it was due to the fact I still had anesthetic in my system and was on an IV drip with morphine. Plus the other pain meds. You are lucky you had such good support. My mother in-law is staying to look after me but now that both my children have chicken pox, my care has gone out the window. Husband working and has a cold so he acts like he is dying and can’t possibly offer me anything to help my situation. Hope things do improve and aren’t as bad as your experience. But I think I’d better prepare for the worst. Thanks for all the tips I will put them into play when I get up later.
    Thanks Tracey from New Zealand

    1. Sorry it’s too late but for anyone else still going through it, I’m on day 7 now and I have exactly the same thing at night – I am too afraid to go to sleep too!! Also feel extremely weak and shaky – It’s definitely the meds

  3. How long would you think a good amt of time would be to take off work? I requested a week off, I’m having my surgery Sep 1st..

    1. Hi Jaimie- I guess this would depend on what you do for work and also how your recovery goes. I needed 2 weeks to feel somewhat normal again- about 1.5 weeks for my throat to feel better and then another few days to catch up on sleep. Honestly, the lack of sleep was probably equally as tough as actual recovery. But my doctor told me there are lots of people that just take 1 week off and do well :)

      1. Thanks! I work in a vet clinic at the front desk. I don’t think it will be a problem. Did it hurt to talk at all and if so how long did it take to feel better at talking?

        1. I am trying to remember exactly… I never lost my voice but I was in so much pain overall that it wasn’t just the talking. More like moving my head, opening my mouth and breathing through my mouth. I want to say it took about 10 days for me to feel somewhat comfortable. I think everyone is a little different though. I ended up originally requesting 1 week off of work but then they gave me an extension because I was not ready to go back by then. That was just me, though.

  4. I am on say 3 after tonsillectomy and have not been able to eat or drink anything, even choke on the ice chips. (I am 33) The worst pain I’ve ever been thru and I’ve had 2 natural births and kidney stones that I had to get 2 lithotripsies, none of that came close to the pain I am in! Called Dr and he said nothing more he can do for the pain. I tried crushing the meds and it ends up going up in my nostrils and gets stuck. Anyways if this may help someone with the MUCUS issue, BENEDRYL helps a good bit, not completely but does lessen it!

  5. I’m set to have my surgery in 3 weeks. I’m allergic to opiates. I have chronic pain due to fibromyalgia so I routinely take meds like Meloxicam, Tramadol, Ecxedrine and occasionally take Torodol. The biggest risk with this surgery, so I’ve been told, is bleeding. The class of pain meds I can take all have the same possible side effect: bleeding. I have to be without any of my pain meds for two weeks before the surgery and two weeks after. I’m miserable if I’m so much as an hour late taking my pain meds. I have no idea how I’m going to manage a month without them AND have the surgery in the middle of it all. I have a craftmatic bed (happy accident) and an indoor hot tub. The hot tub will help some with the regular pain and the bed with Netflix and an array of yarn, hooks and patterns and adult coloring books with a color collection I jealously guard will be what I occupy my mind with. Good to know about the humidifier as I have one and will put it on my tray table (hospital surplus from a thrift store). I have a vitamix and can a lot my own foods. Will be doing some planning and what I don’t freeze I’ll can. I have my honey to care for me day of and day after, a friend who will help with house and care for me for two more days then my honey will be off again so for 6 days I’ll have round the clock help. I think I’ve planned as best I can given my circumstances but I’m still scared. I’m reading and educating myself now so that I’ll be able to help in my recovery. Your info has been invaluable, Thank You!

  6. Hi, I’m 37 years old and I’m on day 4 post-op. Coming out of surgery I immediately hated the feeling of my tongue rubbing up against what felt like rough grit all over my trought. It also felt like something was dangling with was more me ally uncomfortable than anything else. The pain was bad but tolerable. I was sent home with liquid norco and keflex antibiotics. The pain gradually worsened. Day one my throat, back of neck and chest hurt from breathing tube. Day two everything hurt, including jaw, tongue, teeth and ears. Day three and four have been the worst but the jaw pain and neck pain have ended. I used ice packs regularly on my throat which I feel helped. I also kept hydrated with lots of ice water and Gatorade. I feel that helped reduce swelling. On day 2 I went to ER cause pain medication was too strong and as I would fall asleep, I’d stop breathing and wake up gasping for air. This in combination with panic and a swollen throat was NO fun. At ER my oxygen level was fine. I was given Ativan because I was so anxious and it was great. I actually got to sleep that night! I was sent home with Tylenol with Codeine. The meds just take the edge off and never fully address the pain. I had to try and sleep propped up because the swelling felt obstructing while I laid down. That improved on day 3 though. I was able to eat a bit of Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes on day 3. It was difficult to swallow and it felt like some food was stuck in my throat but it may just have been the wounds I was feeling. I had my post op appointment today and doc says I’m right on track. They advised that I chew gum to help exercise throat muscles. I recommend this because the previous day while I napped, I had a throat spasm that woke me up and freaked me out. It’s happened about 3 times. This surgery is horrible. I can’t wait until it’s just a terrible memory and hope that it will be worth every bit of discomfort to be tonsil stone free! I’m set to return to work tomorrow but I clearly underestimated the healing process so I’ll be taking another 2-3 days off. It hurts to talk and I’m a Social Worker – no getting around talking in my job. Wish me luck on the remainder of my healing process and I wish you all the same. Thank you For posting your experience it was helpful!

  7. I’m day 6 on my tonsilectomy road to recovery. I have never felt pain like it, the hospital told me to only take ibuprofen and paracetamol. This is absolutely not taking the pain away. I’m allergic to all morphine based pain killers. Question is, I have some tramadol left over from a previous surgery does anyone know if this will help?

  8. Hi

    My name is Martin, I am 44 years old and am now at day 8 post op. Reading through all your experiences has helped some and answered many questions I wish I had asked pre op. I am still struggling to eat more than “one” meal a day and even drinking the smallest amount of water causes so much pain. I have recently visited my local Doctors who prescribed soluble pain relief, which, after painfully gargling twice, then enduring the five minute burn actually works and allows me to sip more.

    I have managed some vegetable broth and soup. Both of which have to be the right temperature. Too cold burns like hell too hot…. Well, we can kinda guess the outcome.

    I was advised to try and eat normally! Impossible as many of you have advised. I shall try smoothies tomorrow and see if I can finish a glass full.

    Anyways, your posts have really kept me going and I look forward to, after some weight loss loss, a meal I can appreciate and enjoy.

    Oh…. Am going to try tramadol!

    I would love to hear from anyone regarding the outcome of their ops. I had mine to hopefully alleviate obstructive sleep apnea.

    Thanks Martin. UK.

  9. PS I consider myself to have a high tolerance to pain. However, having a tonsillectomy is certainly pushing my boundaries! I smile as I write this.

  10. I have a Tornwaldt’s Cyst that has to come out, and they are taking my tonsils, adenoids, and doing a UPPP (shaving my uvula) as well. This is happening in a few days. I am 50 years old. I’m terrified reading others’ accounts of the horrific recovery!

    1. Hi Stefani,
      I am scheduled for Tonsillectomy in 3 days, and I was just searching other peoples’ experiences and noticed your post. I know it is almost a year old, but I was just wondering how you are doing? I am 42 years old. No cyst, but very deep holes in my tonsils and horrible bacteria living in there. I hope you are well. :)

      1. I’m sorry to say that it was an absolute nightmare and I have regretted it ever since. The recovery was horrific and the surgery did not solve my problems; in fact, they have been worse ever since. I hope yours goes much better. I’m very sorry to say that mine did not.

  11. Hi Sam!
    I sent you a message but figured I could post a comment as well. How specifically did you make those “chicken cubes?” I”m on day 3 post Tonsillectomy and consuming protein has been the biggest issue. Thanks!

    1. I just pureed chicken and chicken broth. The whole reason I made cubes was to have them pre-made prior to surgery, though. If you can get to some Ensure Clear then those have a little bit of protein but may not be as irritating to the throat.

  12. Hello ! I’m on day four of my tonsillectomy… I’m 33 and like everybody else this has been the worst pain ever! I googled chicken broth because my sorority sister did mention that might help since I’ve been living off water and liquod lortab since Monday. The doctor mentioned stopping by and getting a milkshake after the surgery and that was a horrible idea !! Way too thick. We have a vitamix and we have low sodium chicken broth so i will try this. Also the nurse mentioned sucking on a Halls cough drop would ease the pain so i purchased a few bags.. My mom and dad have been amazing they purchased popsicles and jello for me . I’ m off of work for three weeks so i pray i will be feeling better by next week. I’m really glad i found this blog. Thanks !

  13. Hi I’m on day 14 and cannot eat anything just broth and I have big what I call pockets on the side where the tonsils was ? I don’t have pain but just wondering am I on the right track ? Will the pockets get smaller ?

  14. I am on day 7 and I am starving all the time. I just can’t get enough food in with how much it hurts to swallow. Is there any food that is easy to swallow and filling. I have been eating puddings, peaches, and popsicles. Thank you.

  15. For the chicken puree cubes, do you have to reheat them at all or is it safe to consume them frozen with cold broth? Tonsillectomy soon and trying to meal prep. I guess the question applies to all the foods, even the banana oats, would that be served frozen/puree? What a great idea! Currently on the hunt for some of the clear ensure and beneprotein. Thanks for this helpful read!

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